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Canada's Provinces

Canada is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  It’s provinces and territories all offer something unique.  Whether you want to move to Canada or visit, below are some interesting facts about each Canadian province.  

Quebec is located in north eastern Canada and is French speaking.  Quebec is a beautiful part of Canada with a lot of lakes and rivers, you can see more info here.  Quebec has a wonderful economy that is based on its natural resources.

Ontario is a large province with over 12 million people.  It is a melting pot that welcomes immigrants from all over.  The Ontario economy is based on finance, science, arts, and manufacturing.  

British Columbia has a wonderful job outlook promising over 1 million jobs in the next few years.  It is located on the Pacific Ocean near the Rocky Mountains.  A gorgeous area.  
Aberta is known for its mountains and sunshine.  Alberta is a large city that has a high standard of living.  It has a great economy based partially on oil and gas.  

Saskatchewan is booming.  Its population has grown heavily lately.  Because of its low cost of living people are attracted to raising their families or starting business here.  

Manitoba has over 200 languages spoken.  It is a relaxed city that welcomes new covers.  
Newfoundland and Labrador are Canada’s most eastern province.  It has a rich history and culture with a very low crime rate.  It also boasts beautiful scenery.  
New Brunswick is on the Atlantic coast making it very east to get to other big cities.  It has a great economy with a low cost of living.  
Nova Scotia is also on the east coast of Canada.  Its maritime economy offers many job opportunities.  

Prince Edward Island is the smallest eastern province.  It is known for its friendly people, low crime rate, and excellent public schools.  It is also has a lower cost of living than the other eastern provinces.

Canada has a rich culture surrounded by beautiful nature.  Each province offers something unique.
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